Hot, hotter, hottest: desert or jungle?

Etosha National Park: the Namibian wildlife kingdom

In addition to the stunning mosaic of cultures and landscapes, Namibia offers a breathtaking array of fauna: elephants, cheetahs, jackals, flamingos, giraffes, baboons, lions, zebras, warthogs, kudu, oryx, springbok ,...


Precious Paris

What’s new in green Paris?

Not only does Paris have something new to offer congress planners each year, the City of Light is also steadily becoming more and more green conscious… 2007 was a key year for Paris. The city issued its local Agenda 21


Dazzling Dublin

Convention Centre Dublin opens with a bang

Absolutely impressive – that would begin to describe the opening event of the Convention Centre Dublin. Neither expense nor effort was spared to convince those present that the new congress centre is superb: we saw dazzl


Ravishing resorts

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok to Open in June

Kempinski, Europe's oldest luxury hotel brand, will open the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok in June. The luxury city resort with 303 rooms and suites is located adjacent to a royal palace in the centre of Bangkok.